Our Team

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Annette presleY - ONZM

Co-founder of Slingshot, Callplus, Call Australia, Presley.Co & Elicit and member of the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women.

Annette’s belief in the power of dreams is absolute. It dominates the story of her own stellar career and is the inspiration behind Elicit.  Annette has been voted Business Woman of the Year, one of the country’s most trusted people and featured on The NBR rich list. Annette is a mother, an entrepreneur and co-founder of telecommunication companies both locally and in Australia, with TV appearances on Dragon's Den. 

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Desley Simpson

Desley is an Auckland Counsellor representing the Orakei Ward. She has had considerable experience in the governance and management of a number of youth focused charities.

Locally her achievements include leading the construction of the Orakei Basin walkways, and the Hobson Bay walkways. Desley has advocated for local residents since 2007.

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 Keith goodall

Keith is a founding director of Ecovis KGA.  Keith is a highly experienced company director, holding numerous positions in New Zealand and Australia. Keith divides his time between directorships and providing expert witness opinions in matrimonial property valuations, shareholder disputes and economic loss quantification.


Gilda Kirkpatrick

Gilda is the Creative Director of  Us&Co and Author of Astarons: Cosmic Guardians, mother, creative partner at Hello The Conversation Company and starred in the Real Housewives of Auckland.

Gilda has a Bachelor of Architecture and has used her design skills for past 15 years working on spatial design. She founded her advertising company Rascals seven years ago leading the company as the creative director. She’s the author of a super-hero science series called Astarons, with a vision to bridge the gap between education and entertainment. 

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James polhill

James believes in the power of ideas. He has had over 15 years of advertising experience partnering with some of New Zealand’s largest blue-chip clients to transform their businesses with this belief.

James is currently the CEO of Hello, the conversation company. He also formed Us&Co, an independent full service advertising agency that uses creativity to help brands become more relevant in today’s fast paced digital culture. He encourages thought leaders, creative thinkers and technology misfits to work side-by-side acting instead of reacting. He also founded Populr and is a Board member Kathryn Wilson.

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Neil millar - AdvisEr

Neil is a partner at Minter Ellison Rudd Watts.  With extensive and international experience, he advises his clients on all aspects of their corporate and commercial dealings, particularly in the mergers and acquisitions and private equity area.

Neil is the leader of the firm’s privately-owned business team,  the firms Health, Retirement and Ageing team, responsible for the delivery of commercial services to owner-operator clients. 

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Lizzie has spent the past 20+ years working in advertising agencies in both production, event management, and account management roles.

 When she was presented with the opportunity to make a significant career change to Elicit she leapt in boots and all, and couldn’t be happier.

 Working and meeting with the young women that are engaged in the programme is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling roles she has ever had, and she is excited to build and expand on the current programme so that more young women can experience the positive vibes from realising their dreams, and having their ‘a-ha’ moment.

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liz coster - Programme director

Liz brings 20 years of secondary school teaching experience to the Elicit programme, driven by an unwavering passion to enhance the lives of young women.  She believes every young woman deserves the chance to dream and discover their passion in life.

Through the Dream Board sessions, Liz is able to form relationships with our academy girls and mentor them through the Elicit programme.